Star Wars: The Last Jedi will include scenes shot for IMAX

Disney has confirmed that ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ will include key scenes shot with IMAX cameras especially for the cinematic screening format.

The announcement was made by Disney as it announced details of a renewed deal with the company to bring its biggest films to the hundreds of enormous IMAX screens worldwide.

Disney also named other films on its slate that will be part-shot as The LAst Jedi, including: ‘Black Panther’, ‘Captain Marvel’, ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’, ‘The Incredibles 2’, ‘Toy Story 4’, ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’, ‘Indiana Jones 5’, ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and the live-action adaptation of ‘Mulan’.

They offers cinema-goers one of the best experiences out there when it comes to watching films. Anyone who has seen a major film on their screen can attest the increased quality of projection and sound quality.

Any film can screen on an IMAX screen, but their camera allows for the best experience.

IMAX Camera used on the ‘Star Wars’ set (Credit: Disney)

Walt Disney Studios president Alan Bergman said in a statement: “The Walt Disney Studios strives to bring great stories from visionary filmmakers to life for audiences around the world, leveraging the best technology available to create exceptional theatrical experiences.

“That’s what IMAX brings to the table, and we look forward to continuing to work with their team on the unparalleled upcoming slate of films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm.”

Greg Foster, CEO of IMAX Entertainment, added: “Disney is at the top of its game, offering fans around the world highly original and diverse movie-going entertainment, which aligns perfectly with The IMAX Experience as the most captivating and unique theatrical presentation.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with our close friends at Disney and this elite group of filmmakers to bring first-class entertainment to the IMAX theatre network.”

It’s no real surprise that ‘The Last Jedi’ will include scenes shot on IMAX given JJ Abrams’ ‘The Force Awakens’ did as well, but the deal does show that the future of IMAX is in good health.

Disney’s success in recent years (the company made $2.5 billion in profit last year), the most of any Hollywood studio) makes it the best possible partner for IMAX as well.

This year will see other high-profile films utilise IMAX, including Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Warner Bros’ World War Two epic ‘Dunkirk’ which Christopher Nolan, is directing.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is set for release on 15 December 2017.