‘The Walking Dead’ became ‘The Flying Dead’?

Yeah, supposedly there was airplane on “The Walking Dead.”

While watching Sunday’s episode, many fans couldn’t help but notice the pretty obvious green screen behind Rick Grimes while he’s overlooking the dump. People could live with that, though.


During the scene, fans noticed an object traveling behind Rick’s head at a fairly high speed. Many believe it was a plane… or maybe it is a “flying dead”.

So … what was it?

If you look closely, there are birds flying around in the scene (as they are known to do at dumps). It’s likely that The Walking Dead production at least thought this was a bird.

If the object is not of the avian persuasion, oh well. People are still driving cars in the apocalypse. Why not throw in a plane or two?

Still, many may find this unforgivable.
Are you one of them?